Windflower Books working with A Great Read Ltd

The news is out that Windflower Books and A Great Read Ltd are working together to build a new model for working with churches:

Richard Greatrex will be working with A Great Read, initially for the a 3 month period, to set up micro-site bookshops in local churches. If the project gets off the ground with sufficient vigour then Richard will remain to oversee, service, train and encourage. The potential for development is huge and the interest so far has been great.

But while Richard and the team at A Great Read are initially concentrating on sites within and supported by churches they are also very much aware of the unique ministry of high street Christian bookshops which are not affiliated to any church or denomination. So, they will be looking at further innovative ways to reach out to those many customers who need resources but are not keen to cross the threshold of a particular church.

2 thoughts on “Windflower Books working with A Great Read Ltd

  1. Congratulations Richard and David; it sounds like you’ll be meeting a real need in a creative way. Every success with the new venture.



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