Up and Running

The first A Great Read micro-site bookshop is now up and running. Running quite slowly at the moment with some technical issues to be ironed out, but the general impression is pretty good and the church seem to be very pleased. We are aiming at 500+ titles in a 3.6 metre run, plus wafers, Bible reading notes and a separate card bay.

It has taken a while to get here and now we need to make sure that all potential customers know that we are trading. We sent out 1700 emails last week to key customers of both A Great Read and former Christian bookshops in the area. However, Bath Abbey also did an email blitz the day before saying that they were THE Christian Bookshop in Bath. Good for them for trying. But we probably already have a wider range of books and will have a much wider brief for resources.

Next week I will be there fulltime and then recruiting for a full team of volunteers will start – to allow me the freedom to be helping other churches build their own tailor made bookstalls or micro-sites.

Meanwhile, plans for a Bristol site are moving slowly forward. It will be amazingly exciting if we get the church venue we are negotiating on. A self-contained shop adjacent to a church café in a prime situation. The focus for this shop would be Faith and the Arts, so that while it would have space to stock all the normal resources of a Christian bookshop, as well as secondhand books, it would be specialising in the interface between faith and the visual arts, music and literature.

 Richard Greatrex

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