Windflower Books was started in 2007 by Mary-Jane and Richard Greatrex to provide local reatreat houses, churches and Christian events in the South West with remaindered Christian books, specialising in theology, spirituality and literature.

In 2009 Windflower Books published The Story of Flax Bourton: A Village and its People by Brian Mayled and in 2011 it published the second edition of Struggling with Forgiveness by David Self. Both books are available through Windflower’s Amazon web store http://www.amazon.co.uk/shops/windflowerbooks. Other books will follow as time, funds and inspiration allow.

In 2012 changes in Christian bookselling in the South West have prompted and challenged Mary-Jane and Richard to develop a new model for providing Christian literature to their local communities.

Mary-Jane Greatrex has a background in theology and is a freelance book editor as well as being a trainee speech and drama teacher.

Richard Greatrex is a parish priest serving in the Diocese of Bath & Wells who has also been a Christian bookseller for the past 25 years, including time as manager of the SPCK Bookshop in Bristol and the Wesley Owen Bookshop in Bath.

Both Mary-Jane and Richard are passionate about communicating the Word, especially through drama, literature and art. They lead workshops and readers groups and work to help others to explore the links between the Christian faith and the secular arts.


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